Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We are living in unprecedented times. We are facing challenges to our physical, emotional and mental health.

It is vitally important that everyone does what they can to see us through this crisis. We urge all residents to follow government advice and instructions. This can be found here.

We also recommend that you follow all guidance from the NHS, which can be found here. At times like this misinformation abounds and it is best to use only trustworthy sources.

It is also important to safeguard your mental health. Ways to do this can be found here and here. Other websites offering advice are also available.

Finally, if you are able to do so, please consider volunteering to help others in our community. There is a Facebook page and a WhatsApp group to help with this. Even if all you can do is make a friendly phone call this could be a lifeline to someone who is struggling. Details of these groups can be found here.